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Weight loss trends exist everywhere, and by their account, weight loss should be as easy as finding a pre-determined path and sticking to it until you see the results of your chosen diet, workout regimen, or other weight loss strategy. The reality? Weight loss can be tricky, and some people become easily discouraged when they don’t shed the pounds as quickly as they believe they should. At AnneMarie Aesthetics, we’re here to help you embark on your weight loss journey and support you as you undergo not only a physical transformation but a mental and emotional one as well. We approach weight loss as holistic and integrative and use a personalized approach to improve your health, bolster your confidence, and change the way you view yourself. Here’s what to know about our unique approach to weight loss at our Bellevue office.

Bespoke Weight Loss Services As Unique As You Are

Everybody is different, so why shouldn’t we approach weight loss with this truth in mind? AnneMarie Aesthetics offers medical weight loss services that are designed around you. Our individualized medical weight loss services consider all aspects of weight loss, which is something that non-customized plans often miss. With our personalized plans, we work with you to develop custom diet plans that help you eat better and get what you need while cutting out what you don’t. We also provide you with workout regimens as well as ongoing support and follow-ups to ensure that they’re working for you. Finally, we offer weight loss medications to help you curb your appetite and see results.

Our approach covers all of your bases so that you’ll be able to see the results you want while making long-term changes to your health. Better yet, our emphasis on medical weight loss means seeing benefits and results beyond just the number on the scale. Some of the health benefits you can look forward to when you approach AnneMarie Aesthetics for your medical weight loss needs include reduced blood pressure and cholesterol, improved mood, and enhanced libido and performance. When you take the steps to not only look better but make changes that impact all areas of your mental and physical health, you’ll be surprised by the outcome.

Weight Loss Injectables: Treating Obesity More Effectively

Obesity is rarely viewed as a disease but instead as a personal failing. You may feel as though others blame you for your weight, regardless of whether it’s a clinical setting or simply trying to enjoy yourself out in public. When obesity is treated like the disease it is and patients are supported instead of blamed, the results can be life-changing. Our weight loss injections work to combat obesity and improve weight management over the long term by helping regulate appetite and food intake. This, in conjunction with the other weight loss services we offer, makes it easier for those struggling with obesity to stay on track and start seeing the results they’ve been looking for – that fad diets or severely restrictive eating could never provide.

Weight Loss Medications Available at AnneMarie Aesthetics

We offer the latest and most proven medications designed to help you see real results from your weight loss efforts. With professional oversight from our trained team, you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle using the most scientifically-tested therapies. Our options include:

  • Semaglutide
  • Tirzepatide
  • Skinny Shots
  • Phentermine
  • Allure Caps
  • Metformin
  • Topiramate
  • Naltrexone
  • Bupropion

Each option comes with its own pros and cons, and we’ll take time to completely review your medical history to ensure we choose the best option for you. We use a trusted and knowledgeable compounding pharmacy to source our medications so you can ensure safe, sustainable results. We also offer weight loss packages and financing options to make our weight loss medications more affordable.

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