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What is Hair Loss?

Hair loss can cause significantly low confidence. Unfortunately, hair loss is often related to circumstances outside our control, like chronic health conditions or genetics. Hair restoration still lags behind in the aesthetic industry, but at AnneMarie Aesthetics, we offer only the latest and most proven hair restoration options. We’ll work with you to develop a personalized, integrative treatment plan that creates real, noticeable results and helps you feel like your best self.

Am I A Good Candidate for Hair Restoration?

If you’re bothered by hair loss, you can benefit from a consultation with our team. Hair restoration often works best on patients who are beginning to see hair thinning rather than more advanced stages. If your hair loss is more advanced, you might be a better candidate for implant treatments. We can help you determine if non-surgical hair restoration is ideal for your preferences and goals during a consultation.

Your Personalized Hair Restoration Treatment

At AnneMarie Aesthetics, we work with a trusted compounding pharmacy to provide holistic and comprehensive options to our patients. Along with oral minoxidil and biotin, two of the most popular options for hair restoration, we offer advanced blends designed to support hair growth at every stage. These include:

  • His Crown: finasteride and minoxidil
  • His Crown Plus: ketoconazole and minoxidil
  • Her Crown: fluocinonide, minoxidil, tretinoin, and finasteride
  • Her Crown Plus: finasteride and minoxidil

We can also improve your results with microneedling, a treatment that can boost cellular activity in the scalp, helping you better absorb active ingredients. Many patients opt to combine this with exosomes to better support the process. During a consultation, we’ll help you explore all options and put together a personalized treatment package.


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What to Pair With Hair Restoration

Many of our patients opt for hormone therapy along with hair restoration, since many times the two things are linked. Hair loss may be a sign of low hormone levels, meaning restoring these levels can enhance hair growth. Many patients also opt for anti-aging options like Botox or fillers to help them feel even more youthful. We’ll help you create a complete health and wellness package based on your goals, all in a positive and welcoming environment where you can feel comfortable building your confidence.

What to Expect from Hair Restoration

Hair restoration takes time, and the results will depend on a variety of factors. You’ll use your at-home medications according to a regular schedule. We typically recommend an initial package of microneedling treatments with maintenance treatments every 6-12 months. Most patients can reverse and prevent hair thinning in this way, with thicker, fuller hair and improved growth. Patients with the beginning signs of hair loss tend to see best results with our hair restoration treatments, so we recommend acting as soon as possible when you notice hair loss. Our team will give you the best idea of what results you can expect from your personalized treatment plan.

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At AnneMarie Aesthetics, we never take a one-size-fits-all approach. We offer advanced hair restoration to help you feel more confident and youthful. To get started, contact our Bellevue, WA office today by calling, texting, or filling out our online form.

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