Medical Weight Management Injections

At AnneMarie Aesthetics, you can find medically proven solutions. We offer the leading weight management medications and a comprehensive approach toward lifestyle management, integrating our many health and wellness options. You’ll get the full support of our knowledgeable team as you pursue your transformation, both physical and mental. We’ll help you find the solution that works for you and lets you live a sustainable, healthy lifestyle for years to come. We don’t just focus on the cosmetic outcome, but on helping you feel more confident in your health and wellness, enjoying your most vibrant day-to-day living. We offer the following weight management options at our Bellevue, WA office:

  • Semaglutide

    Semaglutide is a renowned, FDA-approved weight loss medication that works by mimicking fullness hormones. Given as weekly injections, it can help you achieve your weight goals with long-term results.

  • Tirzepatide

    Tirzepatide is a proven weight management option that suppresses appetite, helping you stick to your dietary limits. Not only can it reduce weight, but it can also help improve your overall health.

  • Skinny Shots

    Skinny shots are a unique blend of vitamins and metabolism boosters designed to support your weight loss efforts. Regular shots can boost your energy and give you everything you need to succeed.

  • Phentermine

    Phentermine is a prescription medication that helps reduce appetite, ensuring you see results from your dietary regimen. Our team can help you explore more of this proven weight loss option.

  • Allure Caps

    Allure Capsules are a customizable blend of weight loss medications and ingredients designed to help you meet your specific needs. We’ll work with you to choose the best options for your goals.

  • Metformin

    Metformin is a prescription medication that can help you achieve your weight loss goals and achieve a better long-term outlook for your health.

  • Topiramate

    Topiramate, often combined with phentermine, is a very effective weight-loss option. Not only can it help you lose weight, but it can also help you improve and manage weight-related conditions.

  • Naltrexone

    Naltrexone is an FDA-approved medication that can help reduce overeating and cravings, helping you see more meaningful results from your weight loss goals.

  • Bupropion

    Bupropion can offer a variety of positive effects for your weight loss goals, including boosted energy and mood. It can also help manage appetite and reduce stress, helping you better stick to your plan.



AnneMarie has given me the understanding, compassion, kindness and guidance that someone looking to increase their health and wellness all while losing weight desires. I couldn’t recommend her enough! She is intentional, knowledgeable and most of all she treats you as a friend. My results have been life changing and all of the recipes, videos, and health suggestions throughout the program have helped me become the best version of myself. I couldn’t be happier!

Annemarie is very knowledgeable in her craft with decades of experience;, she works swiftly and professionally. She is a warm kind soul, you’ll feel an instant connection with her.

I have been a client of Annemarie’s for years. She is kind and takes great pride in her work and has a client centred approach. She uses top of the line products. She always provides great service and you never feel rushed. Thank you Annemarie!!!

There aren’t enough words to describe how incredible Annemarie is! Not only is she the kindest woman, but she does an incredible job with her clients! She’s the best at what she does! Highly recommend!

Just had my first appointment with Annemarie. How could you not love going to her? The place is beautiful, she is so professional, and just a delight. I am so glad I found her and highly recommend her.

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