The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Over Traditional Methods

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Many people have undesirable body hair that is difficult to keep in check. That’s why more and more people are choosing to deal with their body hair with laser hair removal. Compared with more traditional hair removal methods, laser hair removal offers many benefits and few drawbacks. Read on to discover why more and more people are choosing to go with laser hair removal over traditional hair removal methods.

Traditional Hair Removal Methods

Shaving and tweezing are some of the most common ways to remove unwanted hair at home. Waxing and threading can also be done at home or in a spa setting; however, the results of waxing do not last longer than a few weeks. Other at-home techniques include creams and epilation, but the results might not be as effective, and epilation can be painful.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic process that uses cutting-edge laser technology to remove unwanted facial and body hair. Heat produced by precise laser energy targets and destroys hair follicles to eliminate unwanted hair and prevent regrowth. Unlike traditional methods, this form of hair removal can permanently prevent hair growth after a series of about six laser sessions. After each session, fewer hairs will grow back, and they will have a finer texture and lighter color so that they are not as noticeable.

The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Compared to Traditional Methods

Aside from reducing the rate of hair growth, laser hair removal brings with it many other benefits, including:

Quick Treatment

Laser hair removal isn’t a time-consuming process. For someone with a lot of body hair and a busy schedule, being able to quickly deal with large areas is a major benefit. Hair on larger areas of the body (legs, back, and arms) can be much more quickly eliminated with a laser than a razor or waxing. There is also no downtime necessary after your laser treatment.

Minimally Painful

Traditional shaving methods have a greater risk of damaging the skin. Waxing, for instance, leads to fantastic results but it’s also very painful and can leave the skin red and irritated. The same also goes for shaving, which can leave cuts and abrasions. The chance of getting ingrown hairs is also much more common with these other methods. Worse still, the end results of many of these methods do not last very long, meaning that you’ll need to remove hair daily or every few weeks.

Cost Effective

Although the up-front cost of laser hair removal might seem expensive, the permanent results make this a very cost-effective treatment. Once your series of laser treatments is completed, you will no longer have to worry about buying expensive shaving products like razors or creams.

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